I am a firm believer in the Almighty. Call Him Bhagawan, Allah, God or any other name, His is the supreme authority. You may name Him as Nature. He is omnipotent; He is omnipresent. No body can deny this hard fact. There is some power; super natural, who has created this universe and every thing that exists on it. What ever Himalayan heights human-being or science might have achieved, no cloning is possible. His writ is impregnable. He is invincible.

The Hindu pantheon says that people with unflinching faith in the supreme creator can win over the God. Our mythology is full of stories where Bhaktas (devotees) have ‘conquered’ the God. Life begins from Him and ends in Him. Salvation is soul’s fusion or mingling in the supreme authority. He keeps His invisible eyes on every thing or person and bestows fruits (rewards) in consonance with their ‘Karma’ (work). The Gita delivers the last word: ‘Do your duty without worrying for result or rewards’. I have tried my level best assimilate this axiom in my life. And this has always paid me rich dividend. My saviours are Dasashishanath Mahadeo and my family deity, Shokhababa.

Religion and faith is a very personal thing. They can not be debated or disputed. And personal things should remain buried in him or her. Since I am penning down this piece for myself, I mention here a few extremely personal experiences of my saviours bailing me out of extremely difficult and painful situation. Some five years back my eldest had developed wounds in his leg. The disease was not responding satisfactorily to the medicines. The Delhi AIIMS physicians were some what baffled. When I came to know of this I got a mortal fear. I turned to my saviours, Dasashishanath Mahadev and Shokhababa and prayed to transfer the ailment to me. After four or five days of this prayer and invoking, I developed a big wound in my left hand above the elbow joint. I was happy as my prayer had been heard. But, my wife was worried as I am a diabetic. I consoled her without divulging the secret. The next week my son phoned me that his wounds were healing up with a miraculous speed. My saviours did the miracle. Today the festering wounds have left no scars on my hand.

Another miracle of my saviours is more recent. A dangerous tornado, Katrina, was all set to hit Houston. The government asked the citizens to vacate the metropolis and flee to safety. My two daughters with their families too were among the Houston residents in deep distress. The TV and internet news were speaking of impending destruction threats inching close to that town every seconds. My eyes were glued to the TV screen, ears to telephone rings but my sole was in prayers to my saviours. My children are my life as Ram was to King Dasarath. My eldest daughter phoned me to say that were caught in unending jam. There was no way out. Many honking vehicles had run short of fuel. The rescue teams were at pains to help the harried residents. Another phone call was more blood cuddling. My daughters had no option but return to their home and pray to the Almighty. Suddenly telephones in Houston went dead. Our blood shot up to the highest. Breath was stuck up. I continued to pray to my saviours more intensely. In the next ten minutes or so my phone rang up. My prayer was heard. The daughter told me ‘the tornado has suddenly changed its course’. It was over. The residents were back to their sweet home.

There are many more such instances where my saviours made impossible possible for me. These feelings are very personal. Persons living such traumatic moments alone can appreciate it. Wearers know where the shoe pinches. There is nothing in them for the non-believers. They may sigh away from this extremely personal piece. Any way, Dasashishanath Mahadeo is Lord Shiva, established and anointed by Ravana, the greatest Shiva devotee, himself. The lord sits majestically in the middle of river at the Triveni (tri-junction) of Sone, Koel and Saraswati rivers.

Bihar and Jharkhand states meet at this point. Mythology and legends have it that the king of the area, Sahashrabahu, was engaged in Jalakrirha (water frolics) with his consorts. The river was dammed for the majestic bath. Ravana was out to conquer kingdom upon kingdom. When he came to know that the king was out for Jalakrirha, he went there with army and asked the king to accept his suzerainty. A fierce battle ensued and Ravana was taken prisoner and brought to Sasaram (town named after king Sahashrabahu is presently headquarters of Rohtas district in Bihar). When great sage Agustya came to know about this, he came down to the victor and urged him to release his grand son, Ravana. Bowing to the attainment of the sage the king freed Ravana. But, he requested the sage to ask the Lanka king to bring the Mahadeva to his kingdom as Ravana alone could take Shiva outside his Kailash mountain abode. Thus, Lord Shiva was established and came to be known as Dasashishanath Mahadev.

And Shokhababa is Virbhadra. Epics say that Lord Shiva’s anger crossed all barriers when he heard that his consort had got burnt in the yajna fire of Dakchhprajapati after noticing efforts of her father to insult her Almighty husband. Shiva created Virbhadra out of himself and asked him to kill the errant king. Dakchhprajapati was beheaded by Virbhadra. Shiva started tandava (the dance of destruction) with the body of burnt-up Parvati. This threatened to annihilate the entire shristi (creation of the god). Vishnu and Brahma, the creator, prayed and pacified the angry Shiva. This Virbhadra is our family deity, Shokhababa.