Born on January 5, 1941, Paripurna Nand Pandey played 42-year-long innings in a most crucial period when journalism was seeking its role as the Fourth Pillar of Indian democracy in the post-Independence era. The journalistic teeth that once pepped up many a heart of the freedom fighters, had started giving pinch to the new political rulers. The profession has undergone a metamorphosis. Electronic medium has added a new dimension to journalism. The technological advance has changed the very contour.

P. N. Pandey, in this brief self portrait, takes a look on the profession that, no more, remains a mission. It has transformed itself into a ‘marketing product’. Now all marketing skills are having full play. In the process the journalism has almost lost its soul, rues Mr. Pandey, who retired on May 1, 2001, as the News Editor (News Coordinator) of the Hindustan Times, Patna. He had been an all-rounder in the role of a sub-editor, reporter, commentator, features writer, Editor, et al

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  1. Atulyaniye Says:

    U r a important personality of bandu

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